Welcome to the Brand New PlayMerrily

18 months ago we set up PlayMerrily as a sister site to our established, 5 year old, BeadMerrily site, long regarded as THE home of our first ever product, the Hama Bead range. PlayMerrily was such a runaway success that we’ve now given it a brand new look, with fabulous new features and a far better customer experience. Coupled with the fact that we now run the business full time for a unit, a far cry from the far off days when BeadMerrily began in 3 folding crates in our kitchen cupboard, we’ve been able to ditch the full time job that used to bring in the essential money. My husband took redundancy at the end of January and it has been a very positive thing for our business; with his flair for organisation, we’re cooking on gas now!

We’ve added some beautiful new brands to the shop and very much hope you will enjoy shopping here; we try to couple good value, speed and great customer service together to produce the perfect customer experience – we very much hope you will think that is what you get :)

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