New websites from Merrily Toys & Crafts Ltd

After adding PlayMerrily Toys to our long standing Hama Beads website, BeadMerrily 2 years ago, we’ve gone up in the world quite a lot and now stock over 4000 products, from polymer clays to dolls and wooden toys, plus a huge range of baby toys.

Recently we’ve added a specialist dolls website JollyDollies to the family and we’re now thrilled to have completed the family (for now, never say never!) with an updated craft website at CraftMerrily, selling not just our signature Hama Beads, Fimo and Sculpey but also Fashion Angels Design Kits, Plasticine and wonderful paints from Reeves, Tulip and Inscribe.

Over the next few months there will be an exciting redevelopment of BeadMerrily and more activity on our Fimo Ideas blog too – we hope you enjoy our newly expanded family!

For more information about our company, please visit our Merrily Toys & Crafts Ltd information site, including a special support desk for all your queries!

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