Djeco arrives at PlayMerrily & CraftMerrily

We’re delighted to welcome the Djeco range to PlayMerrily Toys, a brand we’ve been looking forward to stocking for quite some time! We’ve indulged in quite a lot of their toys, crafts & jigsaws right from the start and we plan to be adding more with every Djeco order we place!

Djeco is well known for the beautiful wooden toys in their catalogue and the Daisy range is very popular. We really love the Pink Wooden Tea Set too and we know lots of little girls in our house who would rather like to own one!

From the Djeco Baby Toys range, I have fallen particularly in love with the Topanimo Stacking Blocks and Animals.

From the Djeco Jigsaws and Games range, we have selected lots of educational jigsaws, fun games for younger children and some really beautiful gift puzzles.We will be stocking the Djeco Craft Kits on both PlayMerrily & CraftMerrily (but so far we have got organised with them on CraftMerrily!) Djeco Crafts has to be divided into lots of different sections. The kits are beautiful, designed by artists who are keen to share their talents and skills.

The painting kits in the Djeco Workshop range give children and adults the opportunity to explore important styles of art using easy formats and quality materials that produce good results. We love them all but our current favourites areĀ  the Gouache Painting Set

and the Watercolour Workshop Set.

There are also wonderful Mosaics For Kids, incredible Sand Art Kits and beautiful Sewing, Stitching and Lacing Sets.

Our four girls (aged 12, 10, 8 and 5) have particularly loved the Tibetan Mandala Sand Art Pictures

and the amazing Foam Mosaic sets, which got a huge thumbs up because the backs of the sticky mosaic pieces are realy easy to peel off!

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