Art Project based on Kandinsky

We home educate our 4 daughters and having an artist materials shop at our disposal, does mean we get to try out some great stuff. We thought you might enjoy some of what we’ve been doing recently.

We decided to explore the artist Kandinsky with the help of a rather fab book from Usborne which looks at an artist and then gives a project to do, inspired by one of the works of art. We hooked up a laptop to one side too which meant we could flick through various others of his pieces. I hope the children were inspired; my friend and I certainly were!

Zoe read to them first and then I had printed out some worksheets on the colour wheel and primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We got them to colour these in first, looking at how it worked (brainstretch alert!) and then talked about contrasting and complementary colours and groups of shades and tones. We touched on light having different primary colours and used the keyboard to try playing notes and seeing what colour they made us think of. (This worked better with the younger ones).

Once they’d got their brains thinking in colour, we set about three versions of the Concentric Circle Picture.

Firstly, we folded paper so it was in 6 squares and got them to decorate each box differently, thinking about the colours. We used my much beloved gel pens for this, which have been worth their weight in gold. We’ve had masses of use out of them over the last few weeks.


Once they’d done this, we got them to do a larger version using poster paints, mainly for the fun of splodgy paint, which we don’t use nearly enough. (Poor Josie!) This went down very well. Liked those pots of paint very much; quite dinky, so seemed to inspire them to be neat but covered the paper very well. We did both of these on coloured sugar paper.



Lastly, we used proper oil pastels and drew a final set of circles and then washed over them with water colours. Loved the effect of this; very clean and different to the other looks.

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