Save on Baby Blankets & Comforters

One thing we’ve noticed is that we often sell our baby comforters, doudous and blankets in pairs, or even more. Chatting to customers we’ve discovered (like we didn’t already know!) that this is because children get so attached to special comforters that parents are concerned about losing them, or even washing them to a thread.

We’ve set up a special offer as a long term PlayMerrily Toys Baby Comforter Deal; when you buy 2 or more of any comforter, we’ll automatically give you 10% off. That means you can put a spare comforter away in the cupboard, or leave one at Granny’s, or have an extra at nursery or tucked away in the car for when only that special toy will do.

With over 60 doudous from Kaloo, Happy Horse, Manhattan Toy, Mary Meyer and Moulin Roty, we think we’ve pretty much got the tastes of every little person covered.

Happy Horse Baby Comforter Tuttle

Happy Horse Baby Comforter Tuttle

This offer is current on PlayMerrily Toys (not Jolly Dollies) where you will also get free UK p&p if you spend £50 or more.

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