Quadrilla – a huge hit with our girls!

Last year we began selling Quadrilla, a wooden modular marble run range that has been an instant hit. When relatives gave our girls money this year, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to indulge in some for ourselves and the girls (ages 12 down to 6) we incredibly pleased by the present.

They made a video, which we thought you might enjoy.

As a parent and home educator, as well as a toy retailer, I’m always looking at products from the pont of view of a parent who likes to see real play value being given by a toy. Something like Quadrilla is an investment, a toy which will last and last and should still be there for your grandchildren. I think it is obvious that a huge amount of fun was being had and they played together for hours.

Quadrilla offers considerable challenges. The colour, step by step instruction take patience and thought – achievable but effort provoking – and the models need you to think and explore how best to use them. The pace is fun and encourage not only races but imaginative games and there areĀ  plenty of ideas in the books, plus a website for more. Once they move on to making tracks for themselves, they need to be able to analyse how the sets work and explore the properties of the different pieces, problem solving as they go. And it looks (and smells!) gorgeous, a really beautiful toy.

I think the giggles they had made it more than worthwhile though.

We gave our girls the Melody Set, which has musical bars that chime as the marbles hit them and the Twist Set but there are sets for all budgets and plenty of add ons, so you can build your collection up as your budget allows.

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