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We’ve be stocking the amazing Moulin Roty range for over 2 years now at PlayMerrily Toys and it is loved by both us and our customers. It has the distinction of being one of the few brands which cross all three of our websites, with the sewing kits on CraftMerrily & the dolls featuring over at JollyDollies. But I love taking a look at the complete range on our main site, because something about these wonderful classic toys just takes my breath away.

We’ve had tremendous success with the Moulin Roty Ma Poupee range over the last couple of years. A wholesome version of the typical fashion doll, Alice, Clarisse & Louise have taken over from Nanou and her sisters. With young girl figures and beautiful clothing, they make wonderful playmates.

Malo the Rabbit & Lila the Mouse make wonderful Baby Gifts for a newborn or a toddler. Each comes with their own range of accessories, including rattles and comfort blankets. Malo has a sister rabbit, Mila the Bunny, also dressed in blue, for the less pink mummy!

The La Grande Famille collection, also known as the Moulin Big Happy Family, have been popular for many years and their animal toys now come in 16 different styles. In addition to the standard soft toy/doll, they now also come as first hand puppets which are wonderful for encouraging speech and communication skills and are brilliant when paired with the child’s favour Grande Famille toy. We particularly love Sylvain the rabbit…

…who is also available as a gift boxed baby comforter.

The Jolis Pas Beaux have been an instant hit since their arrival. In a mixture of textures and different coloured fabrics, this quirky, raggle taggle bunch are quite literally “Pretty Ugly“. That hasn’t stopped people loving them and they are growing in popularity all the time as that ‘slightly different’ baby gift.

Leonie the Teddy Bear has a special place in the PlayMerrily household; one of our daughters gave Leonie as a present to Freddie, our son, when he was born. After he died, Leonie was a beautiful thing for Amelie to keep as a memory and her soft snuggly fur makes her a lovely armful of cuddle when Amelie is sad. I hope other Leonie’s get to befriend children in happier times, but she is certainly much loved around here.

Finally we are delighted to now be stocking the Toys of Yesterday range, including their wonderful natural wood toy cooker which includes all the pictured accessories, plus 2 amazing rocking horses and a wicker dolls pram.

When you run a toy shop and have children of your own too, getting the toys out to play is almost irresistible – but we mostly have to do it when the children aren’t around or we would end up with one of everything at home! However, tiptoeing into work the other day, I couldn’t help noticing the toys on the top shelf had been out and about… perhaps the top shelf in the top shop provokes the same behaviour as the back seat of the school bus!

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty goods have free shipping throughout February and March.

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