Why Rubens Barn Dolls are Special and 20% off

Since arriving in the UK, Rubens Barn Soft Dolls gave been accumulating quite a following. Originally used predominantly in the nursery,school and child minder market for the persona and empathy doll approach, they’ve been growing in popularity in homes too.

The first time I met a Rubens Barn doll, it was Meiya, one of the largest size ‘Original’ dolls.

At 50cm tall and with a body similar in feel to a solid teddybear, I had exactly the reaction to her that I’ve come to recognise in everyone I show one to.

“Oh,” I said. “I’m not quite sure.. hmmmm..” And I held her and looked at her and hefted her – and I patted her weighted little bottom and looked down into her eyes. And she looked back. And I stroked her hair and looked again. And patted her bottom again, a bottom rather similar to that of a cloth bottomed toddler. And I still wasn’t quite sure. And then magically, she travelled to my hip, like toddlers do – and there she stayed. And the next time I looked at her, she was still looking up at me – and suddenly she was beautiful.

After all; what’s not to love? That, in essence, is what people who meet them find – that to start with this ‘slightly different doll’ is hard to explain but they are incredibly lovable – the very things that a child does is exactly what they are – all diferent, all lovable, all slightly unusual and quirky but completely prepared to trust you and love you and be there for a cuddle.

We’ve had these dolls in our house for 3 years now; that very first one came home with us and has been in our 3rd daughter bed ever since. Her hair is still fluffy, her skin still soft, she’s been washed and loved and cuddled and dressed in endless clothes from those belonging to our children to the other Rubens Barn outfits – and most telling of all, she’s been joined in the house by about 10 others as the other girls asked for boy and girl Rubens barns for Christmases and Birthdays.

When our baby Freddie died, Rubens Barn sent along Eric, the brand new Rubens Baby Doll, who was instantly adopted by our very heartbroken youngest daughter.

It was with the arrival of Eric that I saw the truth in the empathy side of these dolls. Anatomically correct, while still with the same soft fleece skin and fluffy hair, Eric held her heart together, filling a space and letting her explore needs and questions that were all unanswered for her. He wore the baby clothes she had brought for Freddie and slept in her bed at night, she loved him and cradled him and when it was all too much, he also gave her a focus for putting away the felings she had about Freddie. Sometimes she would just bring her doll (called Oliver in our house) and say she was going to have time NOT thinking about it – and I would put her doll away until she wanted the feelings back. It worked very well for a grieving 6 year old who had lost a sibling.

Rubens Barn truly are wonderful dolls and they are hard to truly explain by pictures and words – you need to hold one. We hope that 20% off the range n March will encourage you to try them out – we really think you’ll be pleased you did!

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