Great Savings on Djeco Toys & Craft Kits in May

Djeco 15% off in May

Djeco is one of our absolute favourite ranges and in the year since we started stocking it, our house has filled up with their craft kits and kitchen toys. To celebrate our one year anniversary with them, we’re offering 15% off the whole range through May.

Djeco Crafts are truly wonderful, kits which are absolutely filled with things to do and the finished product is always wonderful. We recently entertained 30 children with the amazing Foam Mosaic Kits, which are wonderfully easy to use, with fantastic colours and designs, while the Sand Art kits have been a massive success.

Djeco History Jigsaw

Djeco History Jigsaw

In the Jigsaws and Games section, there is something for everyone from Chess and Ludo to simple and more complex, educational jigsaws. The History Spiral has been very popular with our eldest daughter, who loves not only the challenge of a circular jigsaw but still really enjoys picking out the different eras.

Djeco Cubanimo

While there are sadly no toddlers or babies in the house any more, we did recently give the Cubanimo set to our little nephew – at 9 months old, he is apparently really loving it and it was out for playing with when we went to visit this weekend :)

Daisy's Toy Market Stall

Daisy's Toy Market Stall

Back at our house, 6 year old Josie was lucky enough to get Daisy’s Play Kitchen and Toy Market Stall for Christmas; a perfect addition to any wooden play food collection. She has really loved all the imaginative games she has played with them.

I really can’t fault the Djeco range at all; beautifully made, well thought out and great value at the best of times, we really hope you’ll enjoy making the most of the special offer.

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