Introducing Selecta Wooden Baby Toys at PlayMerrily

beautiful range of wooden baby grasping toys, pram chains and dummy clips, all in smooth coloured wood. Quirky and unique little characters appear in the range including Snorre, the cute little Viking and Rosali, the pretty pink fairy as well as coordinating ranges such as the Rumba Forest Theme.  Really interesting and stimulating travel baby toys that are easy to attach to any pushchair or pram.

Selecta Rosali Pink Dummy Chain

Selecta Rosali Dummy Chain

The grasping toys are in a variety of interesting shapes and colours with some making tinkly noises. The tactile nature of the Selecta clutching toys makes them a wonderful safe first toy for baby to explore.

Selecta Colorini Grasping Toy

Selecta Colorini Grasping Toy

Selecta wooden pull along animals have a sensible length of cord so toddlers can make the transition from crawling to walking and keep their springy tailed friend in tow.

Selecta Nico Wooden Pull-Along Dog

Selecta Nico Wooden Pull-Along Dog

Later this year Selecta will be launching a range of Zodiac inspired dummy chains which make wonderfully personal new baby or christening gifts.

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