Get creative with a great 10% saving on Tulip Paints at CraftMerrily in August

Tulip Paint has been hugely popular since we started stocking it here at CraftMerrily. This fantastic fabric paint comes in 3 main styles; 3D, metallic 3D and Slick 3D  in a rainbow of colours and shades including glitter and glow. Select individual colours or a great value starter set and decorate and personalise fabric items such as bags and footwear. You could even design a brooch as a gift using the plain Tulip flower brooches and your preference for Tulip paint colour to match an existing outfit or coat.

Tulip Glitter 3D Fabric Paint Starter Set

Tulip Glitter 3D Fabric Paint Starter Set

Take advantage of the special offer on this product to put together a craft pack for a teenager to get busy with on those boring rainy days through the holidays, it’s great for encouraging a bit of designer flare and you may even get them to clear through their wardrobes looking for old clothes to revamp! We even have a bit of bling with the Tulip See-Thru Stones in star or round shapes that can be used plain or placed over a small amount of tulip paint to allow the colour to shine through for really exciting and unique results!

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