Bloggers just love Djeco!

Recently, we invited some parent bloggers to try out some of our favourite Djeco craft kits and toys. Djeco is a premium toy, with every kit simply bursting with value, good quality materials and ideas that really do expand a child’s experience of crafting. Djeco very quickly became the craft kit of choice in this house and we get lots of positive comments from customers, who come back to try the regular infusion of new sets and ideas this wonderful French company produce.

Djeco Sand Art

To celebrate their lovely blogging efforts, I’m giving away a £30 Djeco voucher on my blog. Leave a comment to enter. Competition is open in the UK and closes at midnight on 30th March 2012

We sent some gel pens to the Wondering Wanderers, who have given up suburban life to go travelling in their trusty camper and are now moving to the isle of Rum to begin life on a croft (which doesn’t yet actually have a house, road, basic supplies… Erm…. What can I say, she’s a great friend of mine and no doubt going to do just fine!) the gel pens are a fantastic art supply as they take up very little space and Dragon and Star had a wonderful time with them.

Over at Home School of Excellence, two older girls tried out the Djeco Fashion Design Kit. Again this got very popular reviews; the blog post gives you a very clear idea of the contents and scope of the kit and they felt it topped other similar kits they had tried in the past from other brands.

The Madhouse Family Reviews site is well known for honest assessments of products and has a wide range of in house testers to try them out on (admittedly that’s a bit rich coming from a family who have had six children, but still!) the adored the Sand Art kit we sent them and gave it 4/5 (it would have been 5/5 were it not for fiddle to open pots, something you might count as an advantage if little hands in your house like to spill things!)

Dear little Ernest tried out the Djeco Topanimo cubes and really loved them over at LazySeamstress. These stacking cubes have a special place in my heart already and having seen how Ernest loves them, I will be getting some for our new baby Ben shortly.

Two soft clay picture kits were very popular over at SeasiderintheCity. This light clay is used to make pictures on to coloured boards and is incredibly light and tactile to use. It was clearly a big success over there and I think Djeco has scored itself some new fans in that household!

Some bloggers tried out some of the toys, games and jigsaws that Djeco also have on offer. At AtLeastDaddyCanCook the played with the Ludo and Co games set and showed that a compendium of games is still a winner and that traditional board games are still a hit with small children. Down with Mario, is all we can say ;) (Actually, that isn’t true here, Mario is much loved… but I can dream!)

Another traditional favourite, the Djeco Tropical Fishing game was a birthday delight at NeverFoundthePlottoo trumping other presents for most played with thing of the day. I know fishing games were my favourite when I was little and I adore the artwork of this one, so I’m not surprised.

We sent some Djeco Jigsaws to GreenMumsBlog for them to try out and I was pleased to see that the things that appealed to me when I put these into our toy catalogue also appealed here. Gorgeous designs, the beautiful shaped boxes and their robust piece strength all got the thumbs up from her testers.

Lastly, much delight was had with the Dragonfly beads we sent over to PrestonPrecious. As with many of the other reviewers, they particularly seemed to like the robust strength, gorgeous designs and play value of the toys.


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  1. Damyanti says:

    What a fabulous pirate ship jigsaw, all the kits look great fun

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