3 for 2 Offer on Hama Beads at CraftMerrily.

We have a fabulous offer on Midi Hama Beads 1000 Bead Bags and individual Midi Pegboards through January – buy 3 and the cheapest one will be free! You can buy as many multiples of 3 as you like and make a fabulous saving, stocking up on new pegboards and beads for the long raining winter months.

We are running this offer on CraftMerrily (not PlayMerrily) as that stocks our full Hama Bead range and indeed (we think) the widest range of Hama Bead items in the UK. Discount will be applied at checkout, so do go and take advantage now!

While you are there, do take a look at the clearance section where we are selling off old lines to make way for new at anything up to 50% off!

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