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What do you think of Manhattan Toy?

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

This was the question we asked some lucky bloggers recently, sending them some toys to try out from the lovely range on offer from Manhattan Toy. Manhattan have an amazing portfolio  which includes Baby Stella, Boysterous Boys and a variety of developmental toys including Whoozit and Wimmer Ferguson.

The first review in was of lovely Nursing Nina from Mamacrow. I adored this review and you absolutely have to read it just for the fun of seeing the ‘extreme cat breastfeeding’ picture. I laughed and laughed!

This review from Susan K Mann got lots of attention on Twitter. These lovely sporty boy dolls deserve to do well because they really are a lot of fun. Take a look at her blog to see the shot of one of the boys out for a life size bike ride!

Little Sam tried out a Boyterous Boys set as well as a wooden toy tool kit from the Parents range at Manhattan Toy. Both things went down really well with him and his mum; I love the look of concentration from this little chap!

Boysterous Boys and Toolkit review from Mrs McGregor makes a great read and another ToolKit review from Madhouse Family Reviews awards it a whopping 4.5/5 which is pretty good because they are a very discerning family! They loved the quality and realism of the kit and how much scope it offered for free play. I loved that it ended up doubling as a medical kit! (The mind boggles!)

Baby Stella reviews from HollyBobb and StressyMummy both summed up what I already know about Baby Stella, who has been a firm favourite with our now 7 year old daughter for 5 years or so. Both recipients fell totally in love with their new ‘babies’ and the mums were impressed with the quality and the range of accessories available. She really is a very popular doll indeed.

Automoblox reviews came from 2 Stars and a Swirl and Mummy Mummy Mum. These are incredibly innovative and collectible wooden toy cars and in one house plenty of mix it up games got played while in another it was all about taking it apart!

The Finger Puppet review from Here Come the Girls made me smile. I love the theatre they built (instructions for how to on their blog too) and thought the mini-vlog they did to show off a performance was brilliant. I have signed the preservation petition for the theatre as word on the street is it is due to be rationalised to make was for a car park!

A Fabric Animal Puppet Review from Trouble Doubled and another great Chopper Chums review from AlysonsBlog focused again on the quality of these soft fabric hand puppets and the play value in toys that encourage role play and interaction from kids. The picture with the two figures above charmed me as we’ve had these little people in our home for a long, long time…. and tI’m thrilled with Alyson’s assessment of how well the puppets can work in education.

The Wimmer Ferguson Baby Toy range were reviewed at This is Life with some Orbit beads taking a test run too. We are big fans of Wimmer Ferguson in our house and can’t wait to bring some home for our new little baby boy. They fcus on black, white and primary colours, stimulating vision with simple shapes and designs and are a long standing popular product at our shop.

Finally, Words with Wine reviewed the Dress Up Pirate a cheeky chap with a pet parrot and a shiny silver sword. He’s packed full of design features to learn dresing skills but I’m not sure whether to applaud his new owner or commiserate with mum that Chops now knows how to get naked in no time! been there, done that!

Many thanks to all our reviewers. If you have a blog and would like to review toys for us, get in touch via the Facebook page  or follow us on Twitter at @playmerrily for the shop or @merrilyme for more random daily ramblings!

(Apologies to my bloggers for the round up being short and sweet; I accidentally deleted it once!)

They’ve arrived! Selecta Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toys

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The zodiac pram toy range from Selecta are a fantastic range of individual and unique zodiac sign inspired toys for baby. These great pram toys are strung on sturdy cord with a large loop for easy fastening and feature cute little figures encapsulating the characteristics of their zodiac sign.

Selecta Scorpio Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toy

Selecta Scorpio Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toy

They make a fantastically personal, unique and functional new baby or christening gift. The packaging features a brief description of the characteristics of the star sign and each toy has a small wooden disc with the zodiac sign symbol featured on it.

Selecta Libra Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toy

Selecta Libra Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toy

Each Selecta Pram toy is made from smooth colourful wooden shapes with little arms to tug on and a little tinkling bell to delight baby when shaken.

Selecta Pisces Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toy

Selecta Pisces Zodiac Sign Pram Hanging Toy

It’s a Wonderful World! Save 15% on Wonderworld in July at PlayMerrily Toys

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The Wonderworld range is known for it’s environmentally friendly and beautifully designed wooden toys. The range is vast, from child sized kitchen appliances that offer realistic and imaginative role play opportunities to stimulating baby and toddler toys which provide little ones with oodles of exploration. The best selling Rainbow Sound Blocks epitomise the brand, unique and imaginative and totally child focused.

Wonderworld Wooden Cooking Centre

Wonderworld Wooden Cooking Centre

Within the Wonderworld range is the fabulous Miniworld, a collection of chunky rubberwood vehicles, ideal from 18 months onward. Sturdy and bright, these vehicles have hard rubber wheels and are satisfyingly heavy enough to roll along a smooth floor, but light enough to be carried around in little hands and completely robust to stand up to all sorts of play.  As well as the popular classics such as the Miniworld police car and Miniworld rubbish truck, new additions to this popular range include a fun and bright yellow school bus, which is great for role playing new experiences and the fantastic fire station and fire engine.  This fabulous chunky self contained wooden toy makes a great gift for young emergency vehicle enthusiasts!

Wonderworld Miniworld Fire Station

Wonderworld Miniworld Fire Station

For a very first vehicle, Wonderworld have created a range of adorable baby vehicles suitable from 12 months. Cute and chunky with friendly ‘eye’ headlights, moving parts, wooden wheels and beeper sirens. The baby tow truck has a special bolt locking system on the wooden tow crane arm which allows it to attach to the front of any of the other baby vehicles and tow them when they have broken down. These vehicles are great for encouraging basic motor skills such as pushing and manoeuvring whilst playing. Just don’t forget to make the ‘brumming’ sounds!

Wonderworld Baby Fire Engine

Wonderworld Baby Fire Engine

Take advantage of the 15% discount this month to purchase one of the larger Wonderworld toys. The Wonderworld Modern Dollshouse is a fantastic wooden doll house, modern enough to be realistic, classic enough to stand the test of time. This Dollshouse comes complete with furniture and a doll family and the roof and front panel can be opened for easy access whilst playing.

Wonderworld Modern Dollshouse

Wonderworld Modern Dollshouse

Introducing Selecta Wooden Baby Toys at PlayMerrily

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

beautiful range of wooden baby grasping toys, pram chains and dummy clips, all in smooth coloured wood. Quirky and unique little characters appear in the range including Snorre, the cute little Viking and Rosali, the pretty pink fairy as well as coordinating ranges such as the Rumba Forest Theme.  Really interesting and stimulating travel baby toys that are easy to attach to any pushchair or pram.

Selecta Rosali Pink Dummy Chain

Selecta Rosali Dummy Chain

The grasping toys are in a variety of interesting shapes and colours with some making tinkly noises. The tactile nature of the Selecta clutching toys makes them a wonderful safe first toy for baby to explore.

Selecta Colorini Grasping Toy

Selecta Colorini Grasping Toy

Selecta wooden pull along animals have a sensible length of cord so toddlers can make the transition from crawling to walking and keep their springy tailed friend in tow.

Selecta Nico Wooden Pull-Along Dog

Selecta Nico Wooden Pull-Along Dog

Later this year Selecta will be launching a range of Zodiac inspired dummy chains which make wonderfully personal new baby or christening gifts.

Great Savings on Djeco Toys & Craft Kits in May

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Djeco 15% off in May

Djeco is one of our absolute favourite ranges and in the year since we started stocking it, our house has filled up with their craft kits and kitchen toys. To celebrate our one year anniversary with them, we’re offering 15% off the whole range through May.

Djeco Crafts are truly wonderful, kits which are absolutely filled with things to do and the finished product is always wonderful. We recently entertained 30 children with the amazing Foam Mosaic Kits, which are wonderfully easy to use, with fantastic colours and designs, while the Sand Art kits have been a massive success.

Djeco History Jigsaw

Djeco History Jigsaw

In the Jigsaws and Games section, there is something for everyone from Chess and Ludo to simple and more complex, educational jigsaws. The History Spiral has been very popular with our eldest daughter, who loves not only the challenge of a circular jigsaw but still really enjoys picking out the different eras.

Djeco Cubanimo

While there are sadly no toddlers or babies in the house any more, we did recently give the Cubanimo set to our little nephew – at 9 months old, he is apparently really loving it and it was out for playing with when we went to visit this weekend :)

Daisy's Toy Market Stall

Daisy's Toy Market Stall

Back at our house, 6 year old Josie was lucky enough to get Daisy’s Play Kitchen and Toy Market Stall for Christmas; a perfect addition to any wooden play food collection. She has really loved all the imaginative games she has played with them.

I really can’t fault the Djeco range at all; beautifully made, well thought out and great value at the best of times, we really hope you’ll enjoy making the most of the special offer.

Free Shipping on Moulin Roty

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

We’ve be stocking the amazing Moulin Roty range for over 2 years now at PlayMerrily Toys and it is loved by both us and our customers. It has the distinction of being one of the few brands which cross all three of our websites, with the sewing kits on CraftMerrily & the dolls featuring over at JollyDollies. But I love taking a look at the complete range on our main site, because something about these wonderful classic toys just takes my breath away.

We’ve had tremendous success with the Moulin Roty Ma Poupee range over the last couple of years. A wholesome version of the typical fashion doll, Alice, Clarisse & Louise have taken over from Nanou and her sisters. With young girl figures and beautiful clothing, they make wonderful playmates.

Malo the Rabbit & Lila the Mouse make wonderful Baby Gifts for a newborn or a toddler. Each comes with their own range of accessories, including rattles and comfort blankets. Malo has a sister rabbit, Mila the Bunny, also dressed in blue, for the less pink mummy!

The La Grande Famille collection, also known as the Moulin Big Happy Family, have been popular for many years and their animal toys now come in 16 different styles. In addition to the standard soft toy/doll, they now also come as first hand puppets which are wonderful for encouraging speech and communication skills and are brilliant when paired with the child’s favour Grande Famille toy. We particularly love Sylvain the rabbit…

…who is also available as a gift boxed baby comforter.

The Jolis Pas Beaux have been an instant hit since their arrival. In a mixture of textures and different coloured fabrics, this quirky, raggle taggle bunch are quite literally “Pretty Ugly“. That hasn’t stopped people loving them and they are growing in popularity all the time as that ‘slightly different’ baby gift.

Leonie the Teddy Bear has a special place in the PlayMerrily household; one of our daughters gave Leonie as a present to Freddie, our son, when he was born. After he died, Leonie was a beautiful thing for Amelie to keep as a memory and her soft snuggly fur makes her a lovely armful of cuddle when Amelie is sad. I hope other Leonie’s get to befriend children in happier times, but she is certainly much loved around here.

Finally we are delighted to now be stocking the Toys of Yesterday range, including their wonderful natural wood toy cooker which includes all the pictured accessories, plus 2 amazing rocking horses and a wicker dolls pram.

When you run a toy shop and have children of your own too, getting the toys out to play is almost irresistible – but we mostly have to do it when the children aren’t around or we would end up with one of everything at home! However, tiptoeing into work the other day, I couldn’t help noticing the toys on the top shelf had been out and about… perhaps the top shelf in the top shop provokes the same behaviour as the back seat of the school bus!

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty goods have free shipping throughout February and March.

Great Savings on Heimess Baby Toys at PlayMerrily

Monday, January 31st, 2011

This month, we are offering a fantastic 20% off the entire Heimess range at PlayMerrily Toys, helping you to get set up for the new year with gorgeous and useful baby accessories at a great value price.

We love Heimess for many reasons; the colours are wonderful, the ranges are attractive and diverse and the toys themselves are wonderful quality. Made from beautiful wood and finished in saliva-resistant paint which is entirely non-toxic, these toys will resist sucking, chewing and bashing. There are ranges like the Pink Mouse and Mermaid collection, which are gorgeous for girls and the Car and Boat ranges which are brilliant for boys but many of the clips and chains are also designed to be unisex and have a rainbow of appealing colours.

Heimess are most famous for the wooden dummy chains but these are not just useful for dummies and are an ideal way to attach toys and books to a pushchair or pram. The pram chains and rattles make wonderful first toys.

You can save a huge 20% across the entire range in February – enjoy!

Save on Baby Blankets & Comforters

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

One thing we’ve noticed is that we often sell our baby comforters, doudous and blankets in pairs, or even more. Chatting to customers we’ve discovered (like we didn’t already know!) that this is because children get so attached to special comforters that parents are concerned about losing them, or even washing them to a thread.

We’ve set up a special offer as a long term PlayMerrily Toys Baby Comforter Deal; when you buy 2 or more of any comforter, we’ll automatically give you 10% off. That means you can put a spare comforter away in the cupboard, or leave one at Granny’s, or have an extra at nursery or tucked away in the car for when only that special toy will do.

With over 60 doudous from Kaloo, Happy Horse, Manhattan Toy, Mary Meyer and Moulin Roty, we think we’ve pretty much got the tastes of every little person covered.

Happy Horse Baby Comforter Tuttle

Happy Horse Baby Comforter Tuttle

This offer is current on PlayMerrily Toys (not Jolly Dollies) where you will also get free UK p&p if you spend £50 or more.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys and Craft Kits

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

At PlayMerrily we try to only sell toys that our (extensive collection of!) children enjoy. We’ve been buying Melissa & Doug Toys for 8 years now, from the time when they could only be shipped in from America. We have toys in our cupboard from this range which have been there for all of those 8 years and unlike many toys are not only lasting well but some of the most loved and enduring play things in the house.

We were delighted last year when Melissa & Doug decided to expand the range of toys directly available in the UK and we’re pleased to be one of the leading UK suppliers of the brand. We stock nearly 200 separate items from Melissa & Doug and having had a look around our competitors, we think that makes our stocks some of the best in the United Kingdom. We work hard to keep the prices good and we have some fabulous special offers available too.

Melissa & Doug Art Supplies are really great painting and drawing materials, easy to use, great value and satisfying for kids as they work on their artistic skills. We love the spill proof paint pots; perfect for the home or a playgroup.

Melissa & Doug Paint PotsThe Easy Grip Triangular Crayons are also very popular, making drawing and colouring much more manageable for young artists.

Melissa & Doug also do wonderful Wooden Castles & Dolls Houses, beautifully made and with masses of play value at an exceptional price. We love the Castle People Set, chivalry and Military Style all rolled into one!

Melissa & Doug Toy Castle People

Melissa & Doug Toy Castle People

We’ve added the brilliant selection of Crafts for Kids to both PlayMerrily & CraftMerrily – the craft kits are wonderful, easy to use and produce a great finished result. Our 10 and 8 year olds really enjoy all the paint and decorate range and the Cosy Cottage has been very popular with the 8 year old this week.

Melissa & Doug Cosy Cottage

Melissa & Doug Cosy Cottage

Our 10 year old daughter (normally very anti-pink!) has loved the Princess Castle Shadow Box Set and both our 12 and 5 year old girls have been having loads of fun with the Animal Stamp Kit.

Over the last year the wonderful Magnetic Dress Up Dolls Sets have been amazingly popular and there are now 5 different versions of these dressing up sets, with a Prince one due shortly. We love the Best Friends Forever Set, which fits beautifully into our Magnetic Play Set Collection.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dolls

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dolls

The new Magic Trick Sets and Travel Games have also been popular and we will shortly be introducing the newly arrived Melissa & Doug Dressing Up Outfits.

Many of our persona household favourites are from Melissa & Doug’s  Jigsaw Puzzle range. Long standing beloved puzzles, now being used by our 5 year old are the Rainforest and Under the Sea jigsaws.

Melissa & Doug Under the Sea Jigsaw

Melissa & Doug Under the Sea Jigsaw

There is also a wide variety of wooden peg puzzles and sensory puzzles in a range of sizes and levels of difficulty.

The preschool wooden and plush toy range are very popular on our website. In particular the shape sorters, wooden stackers and other baby toys which are brightly coloured, tactile and extremely inviting.

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

Finally, our amazing Wooden Toy Food section, which boasts play food from Djeco, Bigjigs, Haba & Wonderworld, is hugely enhanced by  Melissa & Doug Play Food toys.

Melissa & Doug Slice & Bake Cookie Set

Melissa & Doug Slice & Bake Cookie Set

Take a look at all these wonderful toys; nestled in among them you will find some wonderful special offers, including money off and buy 2 get 1 free offers. It’s well worth taking the time to put away some early Birthday or Christmas gifts!

Djeco arrives at PlayMerrily & CraftMerrily

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

We’re delighted to welcome the Djeco range to PlayMerrily Toys, a brand we’ve been looking forward to stocking for quite some time! We’ve indulged in quite a lot of their toys, crafts & jigsaws right from the start and we plan to be adding more with every Djeco order we place!

Djeco is well known for the beautiful wooden toys in their catalogue and the Daisy range is very popular. We really love the Pink Wooden Tea Set too and we know lots of little girls in our house who would rather like to own one!

From the Djeco Baby Toys range, I have fallen particularly in love with the Topanimo Stacking Blocks and Animals.

From the Djeco Jigsaws and Games range, we have selected lots of educational jigsaws, fun games for younger children and some really beautiful gift puzzles.We will be stocking the Djeco Craft Kits on both PlayMerrily & CraftMerrily (but so far we have got organised with them on CraftMerrily!) Djeco Crafts has to be divided into lots of different sections. The kits are beautiful, designed by artists who are keen to share their talents and skills.

The painting kits in the Djeco Workshop range give children and adults the opportunity to explore important styles of art using easy formats and quality materials that produce good results. We love them all but our current favourites are  the Gouache Painting Set

and the Watercolour Workshop Set.

There are also wonderful Mosaics For Kids, incredible Sand Art Kits and beautiful Sewing, Stitching and Lacing Sets.

Our four girls (aged 12, 10, 8 and 5) have particularly loved the Tibetan Mandala Sand Art Pictures

and the amazing Foam Mosaic sets, which got a huge thumbs up because the backs of the sticky mosaic pieces are realy easy to peel off!

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