Our Doll Brands

High Quality Dolls at PlayMerrily

At PlayMerrily we have 11 different brands of dolls which cover nearly every popular style and there is something for every age range. From first dolls and comforters, to rag dolls to small soft baby dolls and fashion dolls for older children, we have something for every taste. We have fair trade rag dolls, dolls which speak French, Spanish and Italian and extremely popular nurturing dolls for little children to develop caring sibling skills while they play at parenting. We are also delighted to be the UK distributor of Rubens Barn Empathy Dolls, some of the most beautiful soft dolls we have found to date.

Corolle Dolls

The biggest range in the UK of this wonderful French Dolls range, we are incredibly proud of the variety of Corolle Dolls we have available. The Calin small baby doll range and the Tidoo bath doll range are particularly popular with a large collection of dolls clothes and outfit and a great selection of dolls accessories too. High chairs, dolls cots and pushchairs are all available to suit this petite doll size which is perfect, at 30 cm, to suit a toddler.

Corolle also produce a fantastic range of larger dolls, including Bebe Charmeur, Baby Cheri and and the interactive dolls, Julia and Lia. The traditional classic doll range Miss Corolle and Les Cheries are ideal dress up dolls for older girls and come with many outfits, including a very popular ballerina dress. The funky Les Dollies and the highly collectible Les Beedibies are two very popular doll collections which are highly original and lots of fun for all ages.

Corolle also produce a BabiCorolle range with soft dolls for newborns and babies in all sorts of styles, including puppet baby comforters.

Baby Stella

One of the most popular soft dolls on the internet, Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy is a beautiful doll for children ages 12 months+ With a variety of  dolls clothes sets, cots, strollers & highchairs, Baby Stella is the best dressed, most accessorised dolly in town! With several styles to choose from, she can be a newborn or a toddler and also comes in ethnic styles. Baby Stella has been an instant hit with our customers and is a long standing favourite toy with one of our own four daughters.

Rubens Barn Empathy Dolls

These soft Rubens Barn dolls are well loved in both homes and schools and make wonderful empathy dolls, allowing children to emotionally connect with the doll and share secrets and needs. Used in schools as a way of  helping children to express their feelings, these lovely large sized, plush dolls are a huge hit with parents too. Their quirky faces and huggable bodies are non-conventional and allow children of all shapes, sizes, colours and abilities to identify with them. With a range of gorgeous Rubens Barn dolls clothes that also work well as teddy bear clothes, these beautiful soft, weighted dolls are worth every penny.

Fashion Angels

The Fashion Angels are the ideal doll for older girls, especially ones who are just beginning to take an interest in fashion and make-up but who want a positive role model. Very much the sassy girl about town with her head screwed on, they come with lots of Fashion Angels outfits, jewellery and even their very own fashion design craft range. A perfect gift for a girl who is beginning to grow up but still enjoys playing. Our eldest girl loves them!

Groovy Girls

Similar to the Fashion Angels but with a rag doll feel to them, the Groovy Girls Dolls are beautifully made soft dolls with lots of outfits and accessories. Aimed at girls of 7-11 in age, they have soft corded hair with fashionable high lights and maintain a “sleep over style” fun image. There are lots of varieties, from wedding Groovy girls which make great bridesmaid gifts, to the RSVP dolls with access codes to a special website.

Imajo Rag Dolls

Imajo rag dolls are fair trade principles, traditional ragdolls with beautiful individual faces and interchangable outfits. These lovely cloth dolls come in 2 sizes and also in ballerina and bridesmaid dresses, making them a wonderful gift for all sorts of occasions. In lots of bright colours so you can pick one to match any child’s favourite outfit, they also have bags of alternative rag doll clothes which will give them a dolls wardrobe to be proud of.

Lanka Kade Rag Dolls

Fair trade rag dolls in mummy, daddy, boy and girl sizes and in lots of different skin tones. In bright, handwoven cloth clothes they make wonderful multicultural dolls for homes, schools and playgroups. These beautiful ethnic rag dolls make lovely gifts and family sets.

Orange Tree Toy Rag Dolls

An unusual & attractive set of modern rag dolls; choose from a traditional golly doll or Whoopi the African doll and a whole selection of pink dress and old fashioned raggy dolls. With high quality, well made clothes and beautiful stitched hair, the are well made and very affordable.

Moulin Roty

Designer dolls with an eccentric twist on the classic, traditional doll, Moulin Roty make chic dolls in both hard bodied and beautiful plush. Nanou, Ninon and Nani are small sized but incredibly beautiful dolls with outfits and furniture to suit. Each fits the range of clothes and they come boxed in presentation gift boxes. The Ting Ting soft dolls are highly collectible, with only 999 made per year in a new set of dolls clothes. Beautiful, timeless keepsake dolls.

Haba Soft Dolls

Delicious plush soft dolls from Haba with a variety of dolls clothes sets. These adorable medium sized dollies have solid but cuddly bodies and lots of accessories. Their funky chenille hair makes them extremely unusual and beautiful and they are best sellers in our range. Luka the boy doll is a particularly fine example.

Mary Meyer Plush Dolls

A cute collection of soft plush dolls from popular soft toy maker, Mary Meyer. Soft bodied, woollen haired dolls with cute faces and fun outfits, these make lovely simple dolls that are perfect for travel companions and first fashion dols.

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