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Welcome back, Rubens Baby!

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

After a short absence, we are delighted to welcome our favourite soft baby doll on to the shelves of the PlayMerrily Shop. We’ve loved these gorgeous dolls since we first set eyes on them and the baby range is probably the strongest range within the brand. We have 3 just in our house and they get the most play, even from our 8 and 11 year olds, of all the dolls in the house.

Rubens Barn are a wonderful armful of baby and have several features that are unusual in a fabric doll. They have a mouth with a soft little tongue you can poke out, are anatomically correct and even (sigh…. can you tell I speak from experience?) can be made to poo with the judicial adding of something the appropriate size, colour and shape to their bottom. I have lovely daughters ;)

This year Rubens Barn have brought out some fantastic new accessories which add bags of play value to these lovely dolls. The 4 in 1 carrycot/sling is just wonderful and is definitely going to be on someone’s birthday list here.

It’s beautifully made and as you can see, thoroughly versatile!

In addition to the carrier, these are some fabulous new outfits; my personal favourite being the green dolls pyjama set

A perfect sleepsuit that will fit most 45cmish cuddly dolls.

Finish off with the lovely new feeding set and the changing kit for bags of play time fun with a dolly I guarantee you will never regret buying.

(Unless they make you broody… they might. I’m not responsible for that).

If you are ready to move on from the baby dolls, take a look at the new Rubens Kids. A smaller and great value version of the Little Rubens with masses of personality. We know you will love them.

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