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Roll up, roll up, get your market stands here……..

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

With the arrival of the rather lovely Le Toy Van Honeybee market stall we realised that making a choice between the fantastic BigJigs market stall and the all the food crates and market stand related accessories might get a bit difficult.

Le Toy Van Honeybee Market Stall

Le Toy Van Honeybee Market Stall

So, we have compiled a little ‘compare and contrast’ to try to help the decision making process along.

Both these wooden market stands are table top play styles. The BigJigs market stand is 52cm wide by 52cm tall whereas the Le Toy Van Honeybee stall is taller at 64cm but narrower at 40cm. The Le Toy Van stall has a pale blue finish with a red and white stripe canopy and comes with a canvas shopping bag and a crate with wooden apples and pears. The Le Toy Van stall can hold up to 6 Le Toy Van market crates on the 2 shelves snuggly. It can also hold 6 Big Jigs crates from the Healthy eating set of 4 crates set or 6 Melissa & Doug food groups crates on the 2 shelves. The Le Toy Van crates are sold individually and come lined with adorable ‘Le Toy Van News’ paper.  These crates include items not found in the other crates, such as the bunch of blooms flower crate.

Honeybee Market Stand

Le Toy Van Honeybee Market Stand

The BigJigs market stand has a natural wood finish with the requisite red and white stripe canopy. It comes with 2 empty wooden crates which you could fill with groceries. The Bigjigs healthy eating food crates fit on the BigJigs market shelves, 3 to a shelf with room to spare if they were arranged narrow end forward, as in the image.  You could also mix and match as the Le Toy Van crates will fit 3 to a shelf with space in between and the Melissa & Doug Food Groups crates fit 4 to a shelf snuggly. The extra space on the shelves is great for items such as the BigJigs wooden milk bottles in a crate or a boxed cake or gateau or you could arrange the crates so that the wider side faced forward and another crate could be stacked behind it. The shelves on the BigJigs market stand are deeper, allowing for more variety in your little market traders produce presentation.

BigJigs Wooden Market Stand

BigJigs Wooden Market Stand

Some fantastic market accessories are the Le Toy Van Honeybake weighing scales or the BigJigs wooden scales for weighing out customers fruit and veg, the Haba Net Shopping bag, or the BigJigs collapsible shopping basket  in a range of colours, just perfectly sized for little hands to carry home their purchases and the BigJigs wooden cash register for essential money role play.

Haba Play Food Net Shopping Bag

Haba Play Food Net Shopping Bag

Le Toy Van Honeybake Weighing Scales

Le Toy Van Honeybake Weighing Scales










Market stand or shop role play are fantastic ways to introduce your child to money, weights, food and imaginative conversation. These beautiful markets stands are the perfect backdrop to hours of versatile, imaginative play in a home or school setting.


The benefits of toy wooden food play.

Monday, May 7th, 2012

With four children who have been busy strewing our home with toys for 14 years now, we think we are pretty good at knowing what toys work for kids. One type of toy that ours have come back to time and again over the years is our wooden toy food. The opportunities for imaginative play with it are huge – restaurants, home corner play, cooking, picnics, making nurseries for their dolls, shops, cafes… you name it, my lounge has been host to it. Over the years it’s undoubtedly the basket of toys that has spent the most time being mixed in with other toys too. The dolls certainly spend a lot of time eating very well indeed but it works beautifully when turned into stew with wooden maths blocks, added to building blocks to make Faraway Tree style lands, used with plasticine to make cakes that can be cut along side the toy ones or served up as part of our home educating life when we need to do some work on healthy eating and food groups. I’ve even used to to model for still life drawing on occasion.

A year ago our youngest daughter was a very lucky girl indeed when she got a wooden play shop for her birthday. Shop play is brilliant for kids, especially if you take the plunge and add some real money into the game. Nothing teaches quite like doing and endless hours of totting up costs and change, drawing up price tickets and restocking the shelves did wonders for her maths and her writing. It sits next to a matching wooden cooker which gives her loads of opportunity to mix and match games so they involve cooking and food play with money and writing games.

Recently we ran a competition over on our blog to give one lucky winner a picnic full of wooden play food from BigJigs. I adore the BigJigs stuff – not only is it excellent value and good quality but it has real diversity. There are meals, there is healthy food, often made so it can be cut and sliced and there is the all too essential cakes and biscuits too. There are no calories in wooden biscuits so I am quite happy to have those served up to me! Given the competition had over 100 entries, I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one to like these types of products for my children!

I’m really proud of the diverse selection of wooden toy food we have on PlayMerrily and love that we dip into different brands, materials and prices ranges too. I especially love the soft fabric play food from Haba, which really ticks a box from me. It’s incredibly delicately stitched, making it seem like a craft product in many way, with lovely colours and some really novel ideas too.

I know I ought to be liking salad… but you know, these just really appeal!

With the weather set to be wet for sometime, you could probably do worse than planning for some carpet picnics. If you need an incentive, Haba and BigJigs have a full 15% off in May across the entire range. If you’d like to join us for our next giveaway, do follow us on FaceBook and/or Twitter.

Great Savings on Djeco Toys & Craft Kits in May

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Djeco 15% off in May

Djeco is one of our absolute favourite ranges and in the year since we started stocking it, our house has filled up with their craft kits and kitchen toys. To celebrate our one year anniversary with them, we’re offering 15% off the whole range through May.

Djeco Crafts are truly wonderful, kits which are absolutely filled with things to do and the finished product is always wonderful. We recently entertained 30 children with the amazing Foam Mosaic Kits, which are wonderfully easy to use, with fantastic colours and designs, while the Sand Art kits have been a massive success.

Djeco History Jigsaw

Djeco History Jigsaw

In the Jigsaws and Games section, there is something for everyone from Chess and Ludo to simple and more complex, educational jigsaws. The History Spiral has been very popular with our eldest daughter, who loves not only the challenge of a circular jigsaw but still really enjoys picking out the different eras.

Djeco Cubanimo

While there are sadly no toddlers or babies in the house any more, we did recently give the Cubanimo set to our little nephew – at 9 months old, he is apparently really loving it and it was out for playing with when we went to visit this weekend :)

Daisy's Toy Market Stall

Daisy's Toy Market Stall

Back at our house, 6 year old Josie was lucky enough to get Daisy’s Play Kitchen and Toy Market Stall for Christmas; a perfect addition to any wooden play food collection. She has really loved all the imaginative games she has played with them.

I really can’t fault the Djeco range at all; beautifully made, well thought out and great value at the best of times, we really hope you’ll enjoy making the most of the special offer.

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